Antminer KA3 Review 2023 – Is It Worth It


Kadena KDA models have been among the most successful cryptocurrency miners in recent months, and the newest Antminer KA3 is no exception. Keep in mind that the KDA currency has dropped 95% from its all-time high when you consider the Bitmain Antminer KA3’s earnings of $36 daily. Right now, we’re reviewing the Bitmain Antminer KA3, by far the most efficient and successful cryptocurrency miner in 2023.

What is Antminer KA3

The Antminer KA3 from Bitmain is the latest evolution in computer performance on the Kadena algorithm. The Bitmain Antminer KA3 delivers an extraordinary hash rate performance of 166Th/s for a power consumption of only 3154W.

The KA3 provides a 10-fold computational output improvement, pioneering efficiency and implementing a new industry standard. The KA3 introduces a 19.0J/T showcasing a balance of performance optimisation and energy saving.

The Bitmain KA3 is the most powerful Blake2s Miner, perfect for mining KDA (Kadena). The KA3 is the forefront of Kadena cryptocurrency mining, delivering a smooth and profitable mining experience.


ModelAntminer KA3 (166Th)
ReleaseSeptember 2022
Size195 x 290 x 430mm
Noise level80db
Temperature5 – 40 °C
Humidity10 – 90 %

Why Antminer KA3 Is The Most Profitable Miner In 2023

Innovating efficiency into a new era of energy savings and improved performance improving levels below 100J/T, the Antminer KA3 introduces a new industry benchmark of 19J/T.

The ideal KDA mining experience is created by Antminer KA3’s operating precision.

A NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR PIONEERING EFFICIENCY: The Antminer KA3 has a standard chassis size, which is practical for mine architecture and lets mine owners make good use of available space. A new industry standard of 19.0J/T is set by KA3, setting efficiency standards for an era of energy savings and improved performance.

The Blake2S algorithm is used by the Antminer KA3 to provide a smooth mining experience, which puts it at the forefront of Kadena cryptocurrency mining. The Antminer KA3 is powered by the 19 Series, which offers the most cutting-edge air-cooling heat dissipation technology, enabling miners to work with the best protection.

Bitmain Antminer KA3 Miner Features

  • Manufacturer–Bitmain
  • Model–Antminer KA3 (166Th)
  • Release–September 2022
  • Size–195x290x430mm
  • Weight–16100g
  • Noise level–80db
  • Fan(s) — 4
  • Power — 3154W
  • Voltage–200-240V
  • Interface–Ethernet
  • Temperature — 5-40°C
  • Humidity — 10-90%

Bitmain Antminer KA3 ROI

Assuming you buy this miner from for $10,899, the Bitmain Antminer KA3 can mine 19.05181129 KDA per 24 hours, and the current KDA price is $0.97, the daily revenue from mining KDA would be:

Daily Revenue = 19.05181129 KDA * $0.97 = $18.47

To calculate the ROI of the Antminer KA3, we also need to consider the following factors:

  1. Power Consumption: The Antminer KA3 has a power consumption of 3250W.
  2. Electricity Cost: The electricity cost is given as 6 cents/kWh.
  3. Maintenance Cost: The maintenance cost includes costs such as pool fees, cooling costs, and other expenses associated with running the miner.

Assuming a daily power cost of:

Daily Power Cost = Power Consumption * Electricity Cost * 24 / 1000

Daily Power Cost = 3250 * 0.06 * 24 / 1000

Daily Power Cost = $4.68

Assuming a daily maintenance cost of $1, the daily expenses of running the miner would be:

Daily Expenses = Daily Power Cost + Daily Maintenance Cost Daily Expenses = $4.68 + $1 Daily Expenses = $5.68

To calculate the ROI of the Antminer KA3, we can use the following formula:

ROI = (Cost of Miner + Daily Expenses) / Daily Revenue

Assuming a cost of the Antminer KA3 of $10,899, the ROI would be:

ROI = ($10,899 + $5.68) / $18.47 ROI = 603 days

Therefore, it would take approximately 603 days, or just over 1.6 years, to break even on the cost of the Antminer KA3 and start making a profit. It’s important to note that mining difficulty and KDA price are constantly changing, so the actual ROI may be higher or lower depending on these factors.


Given the enormous popularity of Goldshell’s KD miner series, it appears Bitmain is vying for that market share. The KA3, their very first Kadena KDA miner, is the most effective and lucrative miner in the entire globe!

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