Why Does Antminer KA3 Rejection Rate Get High?


Factors such as poor network, high miner temperature, and firmware issues can cause Antminer KA3 to get a higher rejection rate. Find out how to troubleshoot and improve the rejection rate.

What Is Rejection Rate?

Miners like Antminer KA3 accept work tasks from the mining pool continuously and return the hash results in accordance with the cloud mining tenets. Communication between the miner and the mining pool network, however, is delayed. The rejection rate is the proportion of incomplete submissions that occur as a result of network delay. This parameter doesn’t need to be considered if the miner’s hashrate is unaffected.

Why does Antminer KA3 Rejection Rate Get High?

A high miner rejection rate may be resulting from the following reasons:

1. Poor Network and Slow Speed

Miner connects to a mining pool. And mining pool regularly distributes jobs to miners; then, the miner submits shares to a mining pool, which involves a large amount of data transmission. Therefore, network performance directly impacts the hash rate and rejection rate of miners.

You can confirm network status by the following steps:

1) Connect your computer to the network where the miner is connected.

2) Open the cmd command prompt on your computer.

3) Enter ping + space + mining address of a particular currency in a mining pool.

2. Miner Temperature is Too High

The high temperature of miners will also affect the hash rate and rejection rate, especially in hot summer. The temperature in the screenshot below is normal. Different miners have different rated temperatures, and it is usually normal for temperatures below 90-100. Please refer to the rated temperature for different miners.

Why does Antminer KA3 Rejection Rate Get High?

3. Firmware Issues

Due to firmware issues, some miners may usually have a high rejection rate. It is recommended to try again after upgrading to the latest firmware.

Note: Generally mining pools can cooperate with the test, please contact the mining pool customer service.

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