What Coins Can You Mine With Bitmain Antminer KA3?


We’ll explain which coins you can mine with the Bitmain Antminer KA3 in this article and show you the specifics of the most well-known coins.

The strongest Kadena miner currently available is the Bitmain Antminer KA3. Using the Blake (2s-Kadena) algorithm, the KA3 is capable of mining Kadena coins. The mining device uses 3154 W of power while operating at 166 Th/s.

The prices of all cryptocurrencies mentioned in the article are indicated as of Jan 13, 2023.

What is Kadena?

Pirce: $0.9876

Martket cap: $213,352,588

A scalable version of Bitcoin is provided by Kadena, a proof-of-work blockchain that combines the Bitcoin PoW consensus mechanism with directed acyclic graph (DAG) principles. Kadena asserts that it can offer the same level of security as Bitcoin while also providing an unmatched throughput that enables businesses and entrepreneurs to use the blockchain. The decentralized, multi-chain architecture of Kadena’s infrastructure makes it suitable for widespread adoption.

Kadena guarantees industrial scalability that can support and scale in response to changing financial systems. Another difference from Bitcoin is that it promises to continue being energy-efficient at scale and deliver more transactions for the same energy input. Additionally, Kadena provides crypto gas stations, which enable businesses to pay for their clients’ gas expenses and eliminate a significant barrier to adopting blockchains for business.

Kadena has already expanded its network from 10 to 20 blockchains, and if necessary, it has the capacity to do so once more. The last addition to Kadena was its own private layer-two blockchain, called Kuro, which can support up to 8,000 transactions per second across 500 nodes.

Who Are the Founders of Kadena?

Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino founded Kadena in 2016. Prior to founding Kadena, Stuart Popejoy served as the group leader of JPMorgan’s Emerging Blockchain division and has 15 years of experience constructing trading infrastructure. Will Martino oversaw the Qualitative Analytics Unit and the Cryptocurrency Steering Committee for the Securities and Exchange Committee while serving as the Lead Engineer for JPMorgan’s Juno blockchain prototype. Dr. was a significant figure in the founding of Kadena. The author most frequently cited in the Bitcoin whitepaper is Stuart Haber, a co-inventor of blockchain technology.

Additionally, Multicoin Capital, CoinFund, Amino Capital, and other cryptocurrency venture capital firms contributed money to Kadena’s funding round.

What Makes Kadena Unique?

By combining two distinct consensus mechanisms—DAG and proof-of-work—Kadena provides a public proof-of-work blockchain with unparalleled throughput.

Simply put, Kadena accomplishes this by braiding chains together, offering not just one but multiple (20) distinct blockchains that all perform transaction validation simultaneously and asynchronously. As a result, Kadena’s throughput is increased because it can mint multiple blocks at once. By shortening the interval between block confirmations, this also improves security.

Kadena scales from a single proof-of-work blockchain to theoretically an infinite number using a directed acyclic graph structure. The Kadena blockchains only communicate with three peer chains as a result of its fixed and multi-channel DAG structure, which prevents transactions from being confirmed arbitrarily. Performance and scalability in the real world are thus improved.

Depending on what its users need, Kadena can scale. The primary restriction is adoption, though, as scaling and the addition of new blockchains necessitate a network hard fork. Theoretically, Kadena can expand to 50, 100, or even more blockchains if it continues to show strong adoption. However, the process is not automatic; as soon as the network becomes crowded, fees increase, and miners who have joined together to form a DAO are encouraged to work together to expand the network’s configuration.

Mining Kadena(KDA)

Kadena mining has undergone some changes. Smart contracts are made in the hidden gen using PACT on a proof of work blockchain. In order to mine Kadena, you must understand the following. PACT is an intelligent contracting language that caters to the demands of the blockchain community.

You Need An Excellent Mining Hardware

You’ll need the right mining hardware to mine effectively. The best option for you is Bitmain Antmier KA3. Using ASIC miners is Kadena. Unfortunately for Kadena miners, CPUs and GPUs are not functional. Additionally, the Blake2S algorithm helps ASIC mining.

Make Sure You Have a Kadena Wallet Address

To receive and track your earnings, you’ll need a Kadena wallet address. Additionally, F2pool distributes daily revenues to each user at 2KDA. If you want to receive your mined KDA, the Kadena node wallet is the ideal wallet. all you need to do is install it, click receive, and have a new wallet address.

The only way for your hashrate and profit to be tracked and recorded is if you connect your ASIC miner to a mining pool server.

Start Mining

Your miner will be ready to start mining once all the settings have been completed. To receive your money, be sure to enter your wallet’s address and press the “Go” button.

How Profitable is the Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)?

Kadena mining is done with a Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th). At the current KDA price of $0.98, the Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) is mining $46.96 a day before power cost is subtracted.

At an electricity cost of $0.08 per kwH, the daily profit of this miner would be $40.90.

Given how volatile the price of cryptocurrencies can be, take these profitability projections with a grain of salt. It might increase, making mining even more profitable, or it might decrease, yielding lower profits. How viable it is to mine with the Antminer KA3 (166Th) depends on the network difficulty as well.

Conclusion: Bitmain Antminer KA3 is the Most Powerful Kadena Miner

The Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) is a Kadena miner. It mines the Kadena algorithm, with a maximum hashrate of 166 Th/s and a power consumption of 3154 W. The KA3 provides a 10-fold computational output improvement, pioneering efficiency and implementing a new industry standard. The KA3 introduces a 19.0J/T demonstrating a balance between performance optimization and energy conservation. The Bitmain KA3 is the most powerful Blake2s Miner, perfect for mining KDA (The KA3 is the pinnacle of Kadena cryptocurrency mining, providing a simple and successful mining process.


What Coins Can You Mine With Bitmain Antminer KA3?

The Bitmain KA3 is the most powerful Blake2s Miner, perfect for mining KDA (Kadena).

How Profitable is the Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)?

A Kadena miner is the Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th). At the current KDA price of $0.98, the Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) is mining $46.96 a day before power cost is subtracted.

At an electricity cost of $0.08 per kwH, the daily profit of this miner would be $40.90.

How Much Kadena Does the Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) Mine Per Day?

The Antminer KA3 (166Th) currently mines 47.68 KDA a day.

What Coins Can Bitmain Mine?

  • BTC/BCH/BSV | SHA256.
  • ETH/ETC | Ethash.
  • LTC/DOGE | Scrypt.
  • DASH | X11.
  • ZEC | Equihash.
  • KDA | Blake2S.
  • CKB | Eaglesong.
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