Can’t Upgrade Antminer KA3 Firmware / Firmware Upgrade Failed


The following causes and solutions should be looked into if you are unable to upgrade the Antminer KA3 firmware.

Abnormal Performance

  1. Unable to swipe
  2. No display on the interface
  3. Unable to set up the mining pool

Reasons and Solutions

Incorrect Firmware Version

Make sure you are updating the correct firmware for the Antminer KA3.

Security Firmware V.s. Non-security Firmware

If the miner backstage shows “Failed to Find Signature After System Upgrade!!!” In other words, the firmware you are upgrading is not a security firmware.

What is Antminer KA3 Security Firmware & FAQs >>

Whether the Firmware is the Test Firmware

The mining pool can’t be established. Please confirm whether the firmware is the test firmware. The test firmware cannot be configured with the miner information for the mining pool. Without saving the configuration, you must swipe or upgrade the firmware that was published on the official website.

An Incompatible Browser Or a Browser With Excessive Cache

The IE kernel browser is typically the issue with the firmware upgrade. Use the Google or Firefox browser to update the firmware. Compatibility issues with different browsers might exist. IE is a problematic web browser. If clearing the cache doesn’t work, try using a different laptop or computer.

The SD Card is Not Properly Prepared

In most cases, the SD card is not properly prepared if the card swipe is unsuccessful. When getting ready the SD card, there are a few things to remember: the SD card needs to be formatted in FAT32 format, and the card swipe package needs to be decompressed before the root directory is copied to the SD card. The procedure must adhere to the tutorial exactly.

The Miner Has Been Hacked

For more details, read this article:Viruses, Malware and Remote Attacks on Bitmain Antminer KA3 – How to Prevent and Remove Them? .

The Control Board Has An Issue

Solution: a. resetting the control board; b. use the recovery of the program using an SD card; c. replace with a good known one to test.

Note: Warranty policy explanation on returning control board only

The Miner Needs To Be Repaired

If the upgrade cannot be completed after an unintentional power outage or if the card swipe is unsuccessful, it usually needs to be repaired.

The control board must be returned to the factory for repair if the issue is not resolved after trying the aforementioned steps.

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