Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)

The Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) is a Kadena ASIC miner with a maximum hashrate of 166 Th/s and a power consumption of 3154 W. It is designed to mine Kadena using the Kadena algorithm.

Bitmain KDA miner – Antminer KA3 Profitability
The Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) can mine 11.74119148 KDA per 24 hours. If the electricity cost is 6 cents/kwH, based on the current KDA price of $0.62, it can earn a profit of $2.70 per 24 hours.

Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)

Where To Buy Antminer KA3 (166Th)?

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Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)

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What is Bitmain Antminer KA3?

The Bitmain Antminer KA3 is the most powerful Kadena miner on the market.

The Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) is one of the most anticipated Kadena miners of 2022. It has a release date of Sep 2022. The manufacturer Bitmain has raised the bar on the capabilities of mining devices. Once again, the KDA miner KA3 does not disappoint. The miner has a maximum hash rate of 166 Th/s and a power consumption of 3154W.


According to today's market estimates (Jun 18, 2024), the current price of Kadena is: $0.62, the Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) can mine 11.74119148 KDA per 24 hours, which is a profit of $2.70 per 24 hours if the electricity cost is 6 cents/kwH.

The profitability of mining with the Antminer KA3 depends on several factors, including the current market price of the cryptocurrency being mined, the difficulty of mining, and the energy costs associated with operating the mining device.

Use online profitability calculators that account for these and other factors to determine the profitability of mining with the Antminer KA3. You can estimate your potential financial gains from mining with the Antminer KA3 using the calculators available here. However, keep in mind that these calculations are only estimates and could change due to fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, the difficulty of the mining process, and other variables.

The upfront cost of buying the Antminer KA3, the price of electricity, as well as other costs related to starting and running a mining operation, should all be taken into account. The profitability of mining with the Antminer KA3 can be significantly impacted by these expenses.

In order to get the most accurate estimate of the profitability of mining with the Antminer KA3, it’s best to regularly monitor the cryptocurrency market and perform your own calculations using up-to-date information. To further aid in the making of knowledgeable decisions regarding your mining operations, you might also want to think about speaking with a financial advisor.

Supported Coins

The design of this miner is also different from other previous Bitmain miners. It is a sleek new design to mine Kadena (KDA) that makes the miner perfect for large-scale mining.

Mining efficiency

Due to its power, it has an efficiency of 0.019j/Gh. In addition, the miner is a standalone device and its maximum capacity is 3154W. The high power makes synchronization with Kadena algorithm more secure and easier to use.

The miner has a maximum voltage of 12v and uses an Ethernet interface. Thanks to the high power, you have a powerful miner that can mine continuously for tens of thousands of hours. It is one of the most efficient Kadena miners on the known market.

Humidity, Temperature and Noise Levels

The Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) is a powerful Kadena mining machine that is designed to operate at high efficiency. It has a temperature range of 5 – 40 °C and can handle humidities of 10 – 90 %. It also has 4 fans to help keep it cool. One thing to note about the Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) is that it has a noise level of 80db, which may be a concern for some users. However, its advanced design allows it to mine bitcoins at a high rate, making it a popular choice among miners.

Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)

Antminer KA3 (166Th) Specifications

Antminer KA3 (166Th) specifications, computing power consumption, power supply, usage environment and other related information are shown in the tables:

ModelAntminer KA3 (166Th)
ReleaseSeptember 2022
Size195 x 290 x 430mm
Minable coinsKDA
Mining pools
Noise level80db
Temperature5 - 40 °C
Humidity10 - 90 %

Minable Coins With Antminer KA3 (166Th)

Kadena coin can be mined with Antminer KA3.


Antminer KA3 (166Th) Mining Pools

Here we listed four best Kaneda mining pools to maximize your KDA profits with Antminer KA3.

Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)
Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)
Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)
Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th)

Antminer KA3 (166Th) Firmware

Please make sure the Antminer KA3 miner type and firmware type are the same before upgrading the miner firmware.

Antminer KA3 (166Th) Accessories

All accessories of Antminer KA3 (166Th) are listed below.

Bitmain – ASIC Miner Manufacturer

Bitmain is a company that designs and manufactures bitcoin mining hardware. It was founded in 2013 by Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu, and it is headquartered in Beijing, China. Bitmain is considered one of the most important players in the bitcoin mining industry, and its products are widely used by miners around the world. In addition to its mining hardware, the company also operates Antpool, one of the largest bitcoin mining pools.


FAQ For Antminer KA3 (166Th)

How much does an Antminer KA3 (166Th) make?

According to today's market estimate, the current price of Bitcoin is: $0.62, the Antminer KA3 (166Th) can mine 11.74119148 KDA every 24 hours, if the electricity cost is 6 cents/kwH, you can make $2.70 profit every 24 hours, $81 profit per month, $961.2 profit per year.
Of course, if you calculate the net profit, you also need to deduct the cost of purchasing the mining machine.
If you choose to host the miner, you will also need to deduct the hosting fee.

How loud is Antminer KA3 (166Th)?

The Bitmain Antminer KA3 (166Th) a water cooling system, there is no fan and it runs at only 80db. The miner is perfect for your home.

How much power does an Antminer KA3 (166Th) use?

This Antminer KA3 (166Th) runs at 3154 W and consumes 76 kWh of electricity to run for a day, which would cost $4.54 per day at a 6 cents/kwH.

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How much does Antminer KA3 (166Th) cost?

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Can Kadena (KDA) Be Mined With GPU?

ASIC miners can mine Kadena effectively. Kadena cannot be efficiently mined with CPUs, GPUs and FPGA miners.

How Long Will Kadena Mining Last?

Since Kadena has a fixed quantity of tokens, Kadena is mineable for a period of approximately 120 years.

What is the Future of Kadena Mining?

Bullish Kadena (KDA) price predictions range between $4.15 and $7.84 by 2030. By 2025, KDA, according to market analysts, may be $3.23. Bearish Kadena market price prediction for 2023 is $0.738321

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